Insulation/ Fire Proofing And Refractory Lining Insulation

AL-MUNTASER has provided expert teams of mechanical insulators for all type of industrial and commercial applications. Experienced supervisors direct projects to a safe and timely completion. We have completed almost every possible form of mechanical insulation project, including storage tanks, spheres, exchangers, heaters, process piping, refrigeration systems, turbines and boilers.
AL-MUNTASER has the flexibility to meet our customer's specific needs. Jobs can be performed as a lump sum, time and material or cost plus fixed fee basis. Our large labor pool allows us to provide the necessary personnel to complete your project on schedule.
The application of thermal or acoustic insulation to piping, ducting, machinery, boilers, heaters, exchangers and all manner of flat or contoured surfaces inclusive of protective coatings or claddings constitute the core of the services offered. Additionally fire retarding or fire proofing barriers can be applied.
Materials applied include hand and spray applied systems, perlite and similar cement systems, mineral wool, calcium cylicate and glass fibre of preformed, cut to suit, sheet, blanket or loose fill forms. Environmental protection of the base insulation materials include paints coatings, claddings (galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum) and coverings (canvas, plastics, and neoprene). A refractory lining service is available. We also specialize in annual maintenance contracts and turn-around projects.